AOTAN no YUZUSHU 720ml (Damaged Label)

AOTAN no YUZUSHU 720ml (Damaged Label)

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Made by infusing Yuzu juice in Sake and brewers alcohol

ABV: 8%, 720ml

Sour 3 / 5

Heavy 2 / 5

Aotan No Yuzushu blends the citrus flavour of yuzu with Shochu made from traditional Sake.

Manufactured in Nara prefecture by Yagi Sake Brewers, who focus on producing high-quality Sake using the ancient “Bodaimoto” technique which gives it a unique flavour.

The design for this exclusive series is based on traditional Hanafuda (“flower card”) Japanese playing cards. The Yuzushu label features a blue poetry ribbon card with peonies, chrysanthemums and autumn leaves.

Drink: as an aperitif, on the rocks, with soda water