Yuzu Margarita by Atsuko's Kitchen

Talented chef Atsuko Ikeda's new book, Otsumami is full of Japanese party food ideas to impress your guests. The book includes Japanese small bites and appetisers with over 70 recipes to enjoy with drinks!
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We love her Yuzu Margarita recipe using our Aotan no Yuzushu. Find the recipe below.
Image by Yuki Sugiura © Ryland Peters & Small, taken from Otsumami by Atuko Ikeda (Ryland Peters & Small)

Yuzu Margarita  

Serves 2 

60ml Shochu of your choice (ideally barley, rice)  

60ml Aotan no Yuzushu

30ml cointreau bitter 

15ml Lime juice 

A pinch of salt (rather than put around a glass) 

200g ice cubes 

10 ml Campari

Put all of the ingredients except the campari in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into the margarita glasses. Drop ½ tsp of campari to each glass so it sinks to the bottom of the drink.