We often find our customers have a few questions when they first discover Japanese plum wine and fruit liqueurs. So we thought we’d share some answers with you.
We are always happy to help answer any queries you may have, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions we haven’t covered here.



How should I drink the Umeshuya range?

Japanese plum wine and fruit liqueurs are very versatile drinks. In Japan, they’re often drunk on the rocks, with soda water or as ‘Chu-Hi’ (Shochu highball).

We’ve included specific recommendations in each of our product descriptions; to start, they can be drunk neat, on the rocks or with soda water.
They’re also a great way to mix up classic cocktails; the sweet and sour Ume flavour and the fragrant citrus Yuzu flavours both add a distinct twist you only find with these Japanese fruits.

Our liqueurs work very well with other spirits such as gin or vodka and can be mixed with sparkling wine or sparkling water, and topped with ice. Here are some recipes that you can try at home.

As they’re fruit-based drinks, you might notice some fruit residue at the bottom of the bottle, or around the bottleneck - this doesn’t affect the quality or taste. Please remember to lightly shake before pouring!

How should I store your bottles?

We recommend storing our drinks in a cool and dry place with no direct sunlight. Wine cellar conditions are ideal. Also, please note that they can be susceptible to changes in temperature.

Once opened, we recommend keeping the bottles refrigerated, and consuming them within 7-10 days.


Do your drinks have an expiry date?

Our drinks are alcohol-based so they will last a long time if they remain unopened. However, as we are unable to control the specific storage conditions once purchased, we advise the expiry date to be around one year from the purchase, unless otherwise stated.