Yuzu & Jasmine Spritz - The Cocktail Edit

The Cocktail Edit by Alice Lascelles (Quadrille, £16.99), Photography by Laura Edwards.

How do you drink Yuzushu at home? A question we often get asked by our customers.

Fear not, Alice Lascelle's new book The Cocktail Edit is made for all of us who tend bar at our kitchen table! 

Try her simple and impressive cocktail recipes using Yuzushu - she kindly let us share her recipe for a Yuzu & Jasmine Spritz below. In the book you will also find a comprehensive guide to essential cocktail ingredients, equipment and techniques: you can be a (hero) mixologist for one day! A gorgeous book inside out, it makes a perfect gift too.




A delicate, low-alcohol spritz that marries sherbetty yuzu fruit with fragrant jasmine tea. I use Saicho Sparkling Jasmine Tea, which is lightly sweetened with grape juice. If you have a sparkling tea that's unsweetened – or a very tart yuzushu – you may want to add a dash of sugar syrup. A recipe that also works brilliantly with sparkling wine in place of jasmine tea.

GLASS: rocks

GARNISH: cucumber and/or edible flower

METHOD: build over ice


75ml yuzushu - try different variations from the Umeshuya collection!

50ml sparkling jasmine tea

5–10ml sugar syrup (optional)