TOROTORO no UMESHU 720ml (Damaged Label)

TOROTORO no UMESHU 720ml (Damaged Label)

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Made by infusing Nishiyoshino plum into Sake and Shochu, with pulp and fresh plums

Gift wrap option: beautifully wrapped in Umeshuya logo tissue and tied with a handmade Japanese traditional flower motif available.

ABV: 10%, 720ml

Sweet 4 / 5

Light 1 / 5

Torotoro No Umeshu translates as “thick plum wine”. The fully ripened plum paste is combined with a wine prepared by pickling green plums from Nishiyoshino in home-brewed traditional rice Shochu.

Manufactured in Nara prefecture by Yagi Sake Brewers, who focus on producing high-quality Sake using the ancient “Bodaimoto” technique which adds a unique sweet, peach-like depth to this flagship unrefined plum wine.

The design for this exclusive series is based on traditional Hanafuda (“flower card”) Japanese playing cards. This label features plum flowers.

Drink: straight, on the rocks